Much Ado about Nothing
 Act 5, Scene 1

Enter Leonato and Antonio
Enter Don Pedro and Claudio
                   Good day to both of you.

Don Pedro
                    We have some haste, Leonato.

                         Who wrongs him?

Don Pedro
                  I will not hear you.

Exeunt Leonato and Antonio
Enter Benedick
Enter Dogberry, Verges, and the Watch, with Conrade and Borachio
Re-enter Leonato and Antonio, with the Sexton
                    Yea, even I alone.

Exeunt Dogberry and Verges
                 To-night I’ll mourn with Hero.

Exeunt, severally
Much Ado about Nothing

Much Ado about Nothing

This is the willshake edition of Much Ado about Nothing, a play written by William Shakespeare, probably some time between 1598 and 1599, when he was about 34 years old. timeline of Much Ado about Nothing

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