Act 5, Scene 2

Enter, from one side, Lucius, Iachimo, and the Roman Army: from the other side, the British Army; Posthumus Leonatus following, like a poor soldier. They march over and go out. Then enter again, in skirmish, Iachimo and Posthumus Leonatus he vanquisheth and disarmeth Iachimo, and then leaves him
The battle continues; the Britons fly; Cymbeline is taken: then enter, to his rescue, Belarius, Guiderius, and Arviragus
Guiderius & Arviragus
                         Stand, stand, and fight!

Re-enter Posthumus Leonatus, and seconds the Britons: they rescue Cymbeline, and exeunt.
Then re-enter Lucius, and Iachimo, with Imogen
                       ‘Tis their fresh supplies.



This is the willshake edition of Cymbeline, a play written by William Shakespeare, probably some time between 1609 and 1610, when he was about 45 years old. timeline of Cymbeline

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