Henry VI, Part 3
 Act 4, Scene 3

Enter three Watchmen, to guard KING EDWARD IV’s tent
Enter WARWICK, CLARENCE, OXFORD, SOMERSET, and French soldiers, silent all
Second Watchman
WARWICK and the rest cry all, “Warwick! Warwick!” and set upon the Guard, who fly, crying, “Arm! arm!” WARWICK and the rest following them

The drum playing and trumpet sounding, re-enter WARWICK, SOMERSET, and the rest, bringing KING EDWARD IV out in his gown, sitting in a chair. RICHARD and HASTINGS fly over the stage
Henry VI, Part 3

Henry VI, Part 3

This is the willshake edition of Henry VI, Part 3, a play written by William Shakespeare, probably some time between 1590 and 1591, when he was about 26 years old. timeline of Henry VI, Part 3

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